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WEBSafe Card


FirstBank Visa Prepaid Card is your WEBSafe Card for online shopping. This card is not linked to your bank account and it is acceptable for payment on all channels – WEB, POS & ATM worldwide. Simply load your desired transaction amount as budgeted and the shopping begins.



  • Available in Naira & dollar variants
  • Simplified issuance process at our branches
  • No credit check is required before issuance
  • Card is not linked directly to your bank account
  • It is acceptable on sites that accept only credit cards
  • Multiple card funding process  via internet Banking or ATM
  • Acceptable on all payment channels – WEB, POS & ATM worldwide.
  • Extra card security – Chip and PIN and  V by V enabled for online protection
  • card validity period of 3 years


  1. Avails 10% discount on shipping cost from ISOX-Direct.
  2. Ease of card funding
    • FirstOnline transfer to card account by existing FirstBank customers
    • Other Bank’s online transfer to the advised card account
    • ATM transfers with debit card to the advised card account
    • FirstBank in-branch lodgments
  1. No applicable card loading and card processing charges
  2. No card anniversary fee for the card validity period
  3. Ideal as upkeep /shopping card for loved ones
  4. Better exchange rate for all transactions compared to ‘black market’.

Stay secure at all times; use FirstBank Visa Prepaid card for your online transactions. Kindly click here to access your     card request form and submit to the nearest  FirstBank branch to you for card processing.   


Q: How do I apply for my WEBSafe Cards?

A: download form by clicking here and submit to the nearest FirstBank branch of choice


Q: Must I have a FirstBank account before I can apply for a WEBSafe Card?

A: No. Visa prepaid card can be purchased by existing customers and non-customers of the bank by providing minimum KYC i.e. Name, Address and Phone number, with the provision of a valid means of ID or Utility bill.


Q: How do I fund my WEBSafe Card?

A: You can fund your card at any FirstBank branch via cash lodgment, you can transfer funds from any bank into the advised card account, you can also use your debit card to transfer funds at the ATM to the card account.


Q: How do I check my card balance and card account details?

A: Card balance can be checked on all ATMs by selecting the current account option on the screen. In addition, card statements are sent to your registered email address.

Q: Do I get SMS notification for transactions?

A: Yes, cardholders are alerted per transaction on their registered mobile phone with consummated transaction details and available balance for the next use.


Q: How can I get my WEBSafe Cards Statement?

A: Prepaid Card statement is sent to customers email on a monthly basis through advised email address on card request form.

Q: Can the card be used outside Nigeria?

A: Yes, card can be used abroad on any channel of choice. The currency of the country of use will be dispensed and naira or dollar equivalent debited into card account as applicable to the card type.


Q: Can the WEBSafe Cards be linked to a customer’s existing account?

A: No, all prepaid cards have a dedicated Card Account opened specifically for card transaction purpose


Q: What is the maximum amount that can be loaded on this card?

A: Card spending is regulated at N750, 000 per quarter.

Q: Can the spending limit be increased upon customer’s request?

A: Yes. Cardholder will however be required to fulfill full KYC requirement at his/her branch of request.

Q: Is there any minimum card balance & annual maintenance fee?                                                      

A: No minimum card balance / annual maintenance fee is applicable to this card.

For more enquiries on the FirstVisa Prepaid card, please visit any FirstBank branch nearest to you, call our 24/7 customer care line 0700FIRTCONTACT or send email to