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Shipping From UK To Nigeria

Shipping from UK to Nigeria is now simplified and cost effective.

Do you want to send goods from the UK to Nigeria? Are you looking for the cheapest rate on cargo consolidation by air freight service?

Shipping or importing from the UK to Nigeria and/or from Nigeria to UK has never been so quick, reliable, and easy as with Isox Direct. Our diverse range of freight and shipping solutions to individuals and businesses are geared towards meeting your requirements on budget and on time.

With our nationwide coverage throughout Nigeria (cities include Lagos, Harcourt, Apapa and so on), Isox Direct is your best bet with shipping services covering all major ports and airports in Nigeria.

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for Consolidation from the UK to Nigeria Airport is between 5 days from the day we receive your shipment in our facility in UK.

Are you ready ship to Nigeria? See the details below on our rates from the UK to Nigeria and the steps required to get your goods shipped to Nigeria from the UK.

Shipping Cost from UK to Nigeria

Port of Loading (Minimum of 10kg): UK
Handling: £30
Port of Destination: Lagos
Air Freight for Weight Cargo (100kg): £4.5 per/kg
Air Freight for Weight Cargo (300kg): £4.5 per/kg
Air Freight for Weight Cargo (500kg): £4.5 per/kg
Air Freight for Weight Cargo (1000kg): £4.5 per/kg

Steps To Get Your Goods Delivered From UK to Nigeria With Isox Direct

  • Get Your UK Warehouse or Shipping Address

Kindly find out the address of the warehouse if you require us to pick up from the warehouse.

  • Upon the arrival of your parcel/cargo from your UK Warehouse/Shipping Address we acknowledge receipt and reweigh it.
  • The received parcel/cargo is shipped out via consolidation to Nigeria and scheduled for arrival in Lagos within a week (Consolidation cargo).
  • Once the cargo has arrived the Lagos Port, it is cleared. This clearing from the Lagos Port takes about 24 – 48 hrs.
  • Isox Direct would then notify you of the status of your parcel/cargo via the email you supplied alongside an invoice once your parcel/cargo arrives.