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Our Services and Other Shipping Rates

Air Freight

Our Air Freight Division provides a complete forwarding package for both domestic and international shipments. Our services include general cargo (both direct and consolidated), oversize cargo, dangerous goods and full air cargo charters. We also provide point-to-point services for all our inbound and outbound transactions. Our staff will coordinate shipments from a hundred kilo or greater.

ISOX Shipping understands how important each air shipment is to our clients, and our motto is “Air Freight is Express Service”.

All Items must be Declared prior to Freighting , ISOX will not be responsible for Improper declaration.

Ocean Freight

Our Ocean Freight Services offers a comprehensive package for cargo movement that includes full container, bulk breaking, full and part charter shipments.

In today’s global economy, the delivery of parts and equipment is critical to our clients’ success…whether it’s for a project work-site, manufacturing facility or remote field location.

Shipments range from domestic trucking, less than container load (LCL), and full container (FCL) up to specialized over-dimensional and out-of-gauge cargo. ISOX Shipping has a strong team of experienced professionals ready to assist you in any area of your need.


Customs Clearing

Our dedicated qualified team draws on experience to assist both importers and exporters right from the execution of pre-shipment formalities to entry to clearing by customs, preparation of Bill of Entry and submission to Customs, co-ordination, control and monitoring of imports and exports while in transit from source to destination. This client total control of a shipment, allows us to monitor and keep track of shipments for regular client updating and appraisal.

Our sound relationships with Customs assist in timely clearance, which is dependent on day-to-day communication and proper documentation. We also look after the customers’ goods during and after the clearing process.


Air freight Rates

China and Dubai rates include fuel & War Risk surcharges

USA & London Rates include Fuel &War surcharges & FOB Handling Fees & Nigeria clearing .

 NOTE: Fresh, Perishable, Dangerous, Chemical, Liquid, oversize Flat Screen and electronics would attract special quotes case by case

Lagos Home Delivery:  N200/Per Kilo
Customers are responsible for the packaging of items being sent in suitable packaging material. Strong carton preferred.Packing:  suitcases, boxes, pallets, crated, bundled, bagged are acceptable.

Flat screen display (LCD’S, Plasma’s and Computer Monitor) and electronics are specially packed

Volumetric Weight

Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight can be charged according to the space they take up on aircraft. In these cases, Volumetric Weight, or dimensional (Dim) weight, is used to calculate the shipment cost.

International Volumetric Weights are calculated using the formula below:
Length x Width x Height in centimeters) divided by 6000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms

Disclaimer: TT is contingent on the flight capacity and routing from the particular airport.

Multiple Shippers:  you can combine your cargo with other persons to meet the minimum weight or charge so long as the cargo is assigned to a single recipient or agent at the destination, who will clear and distribute the cargo to final recipients

Rate would be expired in market influence without notice: Below Rates are only valid for General Cargo.

NOTE: Special Items rate: Cell Phones $50 : Laptops $50: Tablets:Ipads,Kindle’s,Nook’s/ Playbooks,Camera’s, $40

Perfumes and Sprays are dangerous goods and attracts additional fee as may be determine by repackaging and customs.

Rates will be charged on Gross or Volume Wt, whichever is greater.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice, any increase in the rate by the airline will be applicable to the shipment as and when it comes into effect.
Rates are not valid for Live Animals, Dangerous Goods, Human Remains, Perishable, Valuable, Odd Sized Cargo unless otherwise stated.
Secondary Screening charges will apply if a shipment proves too dense/large for X-ray
(Rates are subject to any fluctuations in Fuel and Rate of Exchange which is VATOS)

Port Of Loading

Port  Of Destination

Air Freight for Weight Cargo 

100 kg

300 kg

500 kg

1000 kg



US $9/kg US $9/kg

US $9/kg

US $9kg


US $9/kg US $9/kg

US $9/kg

US $9/kg


US $8/kg US $7.5/kg

US $7.5/kg

U K (Minimum 10KG) Handling£20


£4.5/kg £4.5/kg £4.5/kg   £4.5/kg


US$4/lbs US $4/lbs