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Shop Abroad & Save More | 5% Off Shipping Charges with Diamondbank Card

Deal Title : ShopAbroad Promotion with Diamondbank Card

Promo Details: ShopAbroad from Top USA ,UK and China Stores ie Amazon, Wallmart, Bestbuy, ebay etc and get 5% shipping discount to Nigeria.


How to use the service

Diamond bank cardholder can buy goods from any merchant of their choice directly from merchant website using ISOX US, UK and China Addresses and receive the package in Nigeria with a 5% shipping discount.

Diamond Bank cardholders can use our address as their shipping address (please do not use as your billing address, cargo will not be shipped)and once the cargo gets to us we ship same to Lagos and inform them.

We require them to send us details of any cargo you are sending to our office before the cargo gets to us: Items, Tracking Number and receipt of purchase.

Diamond Bank cardholder name must be indicated on the cargo sent to our office for proper Identification.



Charges: USA to Lagos office : $4per lbs ( for general goods) Minimum of 5 Lbs

Address outside Lagos $4.5per lbs(for general goods) Minimum of 5 Lbs

Non general Items (Requires special Handling)

Cell Phones $20 each for less than 5 phones and $4/lbs for more than 5 items.

Tablet/ Laptops $40.00 per Item if less than 5 items $4/lbs for more than 5 Items.

Tablets: Ipads, Kindle’s, Nook’s/ Playbooks, Camera’s,$25.00 per item for less than 10 items / $4/Lbs above 10 items

Charges: UK to Lagos office : £4.8 Per kg ( for general goods) Minimum of 5 Lbs

Address outside Lagos £5.3per kg(for general goods) Minimum of 5 Lbs

China to our Lagos office

From $7.5 / per kg minimum of 150kg


Contact for enquires (number and email) 08166004429,08148734501 and