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About Us

ISOX DIRECT was formed out of the desire to give Nigerians access to global online shopping and reliable shipping services.

In our years of experience in moving cargo from around the world to Nigeria, we observe the difficulty in buying quality goods by Nigerians from all over the world, and when such goods are purchased the cost of freighting often out ways the pleasure of such purchases.

Through Our platform we offer access to various world renowned shopping sites in USA, UK, China, and Dubai and local address in these countries, thereby allowing you to shop as if you are resident in such country.

Our cargo consolidation offers reasonable, reliable and fast movement of cargoes from across the globe to Nigeria.

We make payment easy as customers are given option to pay for goods and shipping costs locally when it’s desired.

The summary is you can deal directly with us here in Nigeria, while we deal directly with your merchants across the globe.

You don’t need to travel there to get it here, ISOX DIRECT will handle the whole process for you.

That is why we are ISOX DRIECT.